Лекция "Возможно ли верно думать о будущем?" британского исследователя Стива Фуллера пройдет в Шанинке 21 апреля


Is there a correct way to think about the future?

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There are several ways of thinking about the future, each of which presupposes a different relationship to the past. I shall argue that the correct way to think about the future involves treating the past as the source of unexplored potential that we may now be in a position to realize. However, this would seem to imply that, at least to some extent, up to now we have been learning the wrong lessons from the past. And of course, our tendency to make errors of judgement about the future is likely to continue. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot capitalize on the mistakes in our forecasts, if not exactly ‘learn’ from them. I shall consider this matter with some examples from the Cold War.

Steve Fuller (The University of Warwick, UK)

Место проведения: Медиалофт, Пречистенская наб, 11, стр.1, ауд. 22
Время проведения: 21 апреля 19:00
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