Conference “Trends in Education Development”

Conference “Trends in Education Development”

For the last 16 years, the “Trends in Education Development” conference has served as a platform for discussing topical issues of education development on regional, national, and international levels. Every year, the scientific conference brings together over 500 attendees from most Russian regions as well as neighbouring and distant foreign countries. Our participants are specialists in such fields as education, education management, and education policy. Our conference provides a great opportunity to exchange experience and achievements, discuss current challenges facing the global education community, expand the network of professional contacts, and find like-minded colleagues for future collaborative projects.

History of the Conference

  • 2021 Global Challenges and Unequal Opportunities
  • 2020 How to Plan and Implement Effective Educational Reforms
  • 2019 How to Assess Efficiency of Educational Institutions: Kindergartens, Schools, and Universities
  • 2018 Quality of Learning Results and Educational Reforms Contributing to Its Growth
  • 2017 Who Applies and Assesses Educational Standards and How Do They Do It?
  • 2016 Who Teaches the Teacher and What Are They Taught?
  • 2015 Leadership in School and Preschool Education: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  • 2014 What Defines an Efficient School and Efficient Kindergarten?
  • 2013 Are Cadres Really All-Important?
  • 2012 Different Yet Equal. How to Bridge the Gap in Access to Quality Education
  • 2011 Issues of Managing and Assessing the Education Quality
  • 2010 Education in a Multi-Confessional and Polycultural Society
  • 2009 20 Years of Reforms, What’s Next?
  • 2008 Will New Teachers Come to Schools?
  • 2007 Grant Competitions as a Mechanism for Education Development
  • 2006 Issues of Managing a Contemporary School
  • 2005 Issues of Managing Regional Education
  • 2004 Management Issues

Contact the Organising Committee

Phone: +7 (495) 150-80-91 (ext. 62) (Konstantin Zavertyaev) - 10 am to 6 pm Moscow time
Address: 125009, Moscow, Gazetny Lane, 3-5, building 1