The MSSES alumni community is actively developing and currently numbers more than 3000 people. We all studied at different faculties, we are dispersed to various cities and countries, but keep in touch with the school, thanks to the values and knowledge acquired within its walls and due to all the friends and colleagues, close in spirit, whom we have acquired here.

We want new connections to arise so that graduates of different years and different faculties find and support each other, share knowledge, work together on new projects and find reasons for useful and pleasant acquaintances.

To develop the alumni community, we come up with different forms of networking, hold meetings, share projects of our alumni, tell stories of their professional achievements. We are open to your suggestions and ideas. The Moscow School is your home. Here you are always welcome!

Community activities:

Participate in alumni community events and initiatives
Take advantage of opportunities for graduates: access to the school library, electronic library resources, take part in private events, enjoy discounts for continuing education, discounts from partner publishers, etc.
Find out about alumni projects that you can support or take part in
Get to know the stories of Shaninka graduates.
Fill out the alumni form to keep in touch with the school, alumni and have access to the library
Join the alumni community group on Facebook to stay tuned, share information about your initiatives, and find like-minded people.
If you want to hold seminars, lectures, workshops at the School, invite MSSES residents on an excursion, tell your story, leave a review, and also offer cooperation or some project ideas, then please write to the community manager Olesya Malyar by mail

Alumni Benefits -
On this page, we will share information about privileges, bonuses, discounts that Shaninka graduates can count on.
  • Access to the library in Gazetny lane. The updated library is a modern space with free access to all resources. The book fund is open to readers, and the catalog, which exists only in electronic form, can be used both on the computers of the library and on the MSSES website. It is convenient to work here not only alone but also in a group - there are two meeting rooms for this, isolated from the common hall. You can get access to the library on request by writing a letter to and specifying the last name, first name, patronymic, year of issue, and the program with the date of the visit;
  • Using electronic resources of the library and The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (remotely). For passwords and turnouts, write to;
  • Participation in closed School events;
  • Discount for continuing education within the walls of the school. The graduate card will allow you to receive a 10% discount if you decide to continue your studies at another faculty or on short-term courses;
  • 25% discount on books from Ad Marginem with shaninka25 promo code.
  • Informational support of the School. If you want to talk about your project, vacancies, publish an ad, send information to and we will include your news in the mailing list, publish it on social media pages, and place an ad at the school.