Current Students

Current Students

We tell every MSSES newcomer “Welcome to the club!” because we believe that MSSES is a community first and foremost. Community of people who have decided to change their life, learn a bit more about this world, and find like-minded peers.

Teodor Shanin used to say: “Nothing is impossible, some things are just difficult”. That’s what we teach here in MSSES – overcoming obstacles, asking uncomfortable questions, and searching for answers.

We are happy you have become part of the School. Welcome to the club!
Sergey Zuev, academic director of MSSES
The academic year 2021 commenced in a new environment that requires everyone in the School’s community to take care of one another. In order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus and retain the possibility to attend classes and communicate offline, we kindly ask you to:
  • wear a mask;
  • keep a physical distance of 1,5 – 2 meters (5 – 6,5 feet);
  • wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitiser;
  • dispose of masks and gloves using a special container in campus lavatories;
  • eat your meals in a specially designated place within the recreational area or in the cafe on the first floor of the campus.

We keep the campus clean and ventilate the rooms regularly. We have installed an air recirculator in the library, organised workplaces with a sufficient distance between one another, and arranged a designated eating area outside the library’s study hall. Also, a contactless infrared thermometer and an automatic hand sanitiser were installed across from the library’s reception area.
Note! If you don’t wear a mask on the campus territory, especially when entering and exiting the building, your pass will be blocked.

Technology and electronic resources

Corporate email
Every MSSES student has a corporate email address under the domain. That’s where we send letters about all the processes taking place during your studies. You can also use unlimited Google cloud storage.

Printers and computers for public use
You can use one of the public-use computers in the library on the first floor and in the mezzanine. Use your account to log into the computer as you do logging into your email. You can also access one of the printers using that account (and not the guest one). One of the printers is located next to the catalogue table to the left of the library entrance, and the second one is located in the mezzanine by the computer desks.

Students’ personal accounts
Submission and evaluation of academic papers as well as reception of the background information on the learning process will be available in your Personal Account (on the Distanty platform) you’ll get access to during your first few study days. The tutorial on how to use it will be provided separately at the beginning of an academic year.
Contact your administrator if you need any tech support in working with your personal account.
Where do I go for clarification and consultations?
The first study week will be dedicated to a thorough introduction to the programme, its structure, teachers, education specifics as well as specifics of the knowledge assessment and other aspects. You will be receiving additional information about your study programme during your classes and via email.

If you still have questions, contact your faculty manager.

Contact the dean’s office whenever you have questions about contracts, schedules, references, or any other organisational issues.

Contacts list
My personal data changed, who do I report to?
Please inform the dean’s office of the changes in your personal data or contact information. It’s important because otherwise, we won’t be able to warn you about schedule changes or upcoming events in advance.
Can I share some information or organise something?
The Student Council is always happy to share your news in their information resources as well as support your initiatives. You can also seek assistance from the Community Centre

In addition, there are three cork boards on the campus territory (one next to a vending machine in the library area, one across from classroom 509, and another to the right of classroom 516), where you can place your flyers, announcements, and, possibly, just nice pictures.
I am a foreign student, how can I come to Russia?
You can find information on coming to Russia in this guide.