Vectors of Russia’s Development

Vectors of Russia’s Development

The annual international scientific conference of young scholars “Vectors of Russia’s Development” has been held in MSSES since 2002.

The conference pursues the following goals:
  • To promote the exchange of academic insights, ideas, and views within a professional community of young scholars.
  • To encourage young scholars, theorists, and practitioners to engage in research work.
  • To ensure the integration of academic research based on the cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in humanities and social studies.
  • To exchange ideas, research findings, conclusions, and suggestions, and provide an opportunity for direct communication.
  • To exchange experience in research work and actively interact with foreign colleagues.
  • To create opportunities for forming alliances based on interests and areas of research.

The mission of the conference is to help young scholars exchange new ideas and methods for scientific understanding of reality, bring positions closer together, and establish professional and academic contact with like-minded people. That is why the conference is attended by undergraduate and graduate students as well as young scholars from universities throughout Russia.

MSSES students initiate and organise the conference. They define the subject for the scientific event, sections, and roundtables; invite leading scholars to hold workshops; select speakers, and assess texts for their further publication in the collection of materials following the conference.

A collection of the participants’ articles following the conference is published every year.

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