Management in the Creative Arts

Management in the Creative Arts

38.03.02 Management

Form of study: full-time
Term: 4 years

Cost of tuition in 2023: 360,000 rub./year 

Discounts for the first year of study in 2023: 
In order to receive a tuition discount, the student needs to have a certain total score for all of the entrance exams (including points for individual achievements)
30% – 250 points and more
10% – full payment for the first year of study when enrolling

Cultural and creative industries are an important component of the global economy. Cinema, television, theater, advertising, games, music, along with other areas, contribute around 2.4 trillion rubles annually to the Russian economy. As the industry continues to grow, it requires talented professionals with management skills and creative potential to keep up the pace and strengthen their position.

We study the problems and opportunities in the dynamically developing digital world, learn to combine creative and organizational abilities, thereby formulating the value of cultural self-expression. You will learn the culture and creative industry work, become an expert in designing innovative standards and current forms of cultural life in cities and communities. You will begin to understand a wide range of issues: from cultural industries, models of cultural consumption, cultural production to museum management, heritage practices, art market, event management, and marketing in culture.
The main feature of education is the individualization of the program depending on the student's interests. You can specialize in any area or study a wide range of topics.

The programme is focused on two thematic fields:

  • Creativity and culture: you will gain knowledge in the field of performing and visual arts, heritage, media culture.
  • Management and entrepreneurship: you will master skills that allow you to work in the area of development and change management, non-standard management solutions, innovative approaches that change the socio-cultural landscape of a place.

Educational tracks:

  • Performing Arts
  • Heritage
  • Multi-format cultural spaces
In Shaninka we have an open “lecture – student” communication. At our university we have no lectures at all, classes are seminars, discussions. Then there are high requirements to academic progress. It creates a competitive environment, and it is very cool to be a part of it. And finally, here we have interesting disciplines. Every time I come to the classes, I learn something new, just every day! You can easily see that all lecturers are very prepared people: it will surely take time when they will not be able to teach us anything new, as it happens sometimes in Russian universities.
Mika Lipman, graduate of the programme

Programme Benefits:

  1. In-depth study of modern cultural processes
  2. Project-based approach
  3. Programme variability depending on the student's interests
  4. Foreign languages as a part of education to be in the context of the global agenda of cultural and creative industries
  5. Practice on real projects in the industry
  6. Excursions and private visits to cultural institutions in Moscow
  7. Invited lecturers: theorists and experts in creative industries
  8. Diversity of educational formats

Career Perspectives

Graduates of the program can work as project and producer managers in the cultural sphere. They know how to launch projects for the development of the cultural and social sphere using modern cultural practices.

  • State and private cultural institutions (museums, theaters, art galleries, libraries);
  • Commercial companies specializing in creative industries (media, advertising, publishing, fashion, design, printing, tourism);
  • Performing and visual arts projects and festivals
  • Service companies (proving services related to tourism, leisure, organization of cultural urban space);
  • Promoting independent cultural projects in the public and private areas.
  • Social, socially responsible business and charity organizations (grant management)

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