Counselling and Coaching

Counselling and Coaching

Specialisation: 37.03.01 Psychology

 Form of study: full-time
Term: 4 years

Cost of tuition in 2023: 275,000 rub./year 

Discounts for the first year of study in 2023: 
In order to receive a tuition discount, the student needs to have a certain total score for all of the entrance exams (including points for individual achievements)
30% – 250 points and more
10% – full payment for the first year of study when enrolling

The programme combines the best practices in the practical field of psychology. It is based on the latest achievements in psychological science and practice, taking into account the trends in the development of modern neurotechnologies.

Graduates are specialists in the field of practical psychology. They apply their knowledge and skills in counseling and psychotherapy, coaching, organizational consulting for leaders, corporate training, and career counseling.

Programme Benefits

  • Individual approach. Students can independently choose parts of the courses based on their professional interests.
  • Research orientation. Conducting scientific and applied projects is a mandatory part of the training. The best student projects are presented at the annual International Youth Conference "Vectors" organized at MSSES.
  • Professional community of psychologists. Students acquire a wide circle of professional contacts.
  • Essays. Great attention is paid to written examination papers.
  • Students develop critical thinking and academic writing skills.

All lectures are followed by practical seminars, moreover, to get prepared for the seminars we read original texts and analyze them in details with our lecturers who also refer to real cases from practice to ensure better understanding. And if you feel especially interested in any topic, then they advise reading good supplementary literature, which we can also discuss later on.
Tatyana Pavlova, graduate of the programme

Alumni Career Paths

Program graduates can be successful in a variety of careers related to psychology: 

- Consulting psychologist
- Family counselor
- Psychotherapist
- Coach
- Management consultant
- Corporate trainer (HR training specialist)
- HR specialist
- Educational psychologist
- Developmental education specialist
- Psychological neurodiagnostics specialist and correctional treatment specialists
- Research scientist

Employment Options:

- Psychological centers
- Centers for psychological training
- HR departments (specialists in human resource management)
- Research centers
- Departments of psychological support in large organizations
- Educational institutions

Key Skills Mastered by our Alumni:

  • Analysis of psychological properties and states, characteristics of mental processes;
  • Psychological and neuropsychological diagnostics;
  • Psychological counseling and therapy for adults and children;
  • Coaching sessions (improving technical, professional, business, leadership, and other skills);
  • Developing and delivering training programs;
  • Personal career counseling;
  • Addressing problems of personal growth;
  • Implementing programs aimed at preventing deviations in social and personal status and development, professional risks in various activities;
  • Psychological assistance and support of an individual, group, organization;
  • Team work in Russian and international research teams.

In Shaninka students are delicate, inquisitive, indecently intelligent, open to new experience, with insatiable thirst for new knowledge and impressions, with an excellent sense of humor and, most importantly, with a feeling that their possibilities are unlimited! I am wondering if Shaninka attracted them or made them like that. But it is not important. For me, being lecturer, the most important thing is that it is incredibly interesting to work with the “local” students. I would like to share with them the most useful and important knowledge and skills available in the modern psychology. This also makes me strive to become better every day.
Kristina Ivanenko, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor at the MSSES Faculty of Psychology

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