International partnership

International partnership

International partnership

The International Partnership of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) is the key factor that allows the university to enter the global educational space. Internationalisation of the educational and academic process is one of the School’s main priorities and a strategically important direction for its development.

Shaninka is currently working on:

  • establishing partnerships with the world’s leading academic universities;
  • increasing the students’ and the staff’s short-term academic mobility;
  • creating joint educational programmes with leading foreign universities;
  • getting included in international rankings of the world’s best universities;
  • expanding the educational programmes and products to attract foreign students;
  • becoming a part of international professional associations and alliances.

MSSES actively participates in international scientific programmes and exhibitions and promotes short-term international student exchanges and internships as well as the teaching and research staff’s participation in international scientific conferences. The School admits foreign students to various educational programmes, including programmes on Russian as a foreign language. In 2019, Shaninka welcomed over 60 foreign students and trainees.

Joint projects

British undergraduate programmes

The project for developing British Undergraduate Programmes in Moscow was initiated in 2016 in collaboration with the University of Manchester (UK). Two MSSES programmes got validated, and their graduates started receiving Bachelor’s degrees from one of the best universities in the world.

In 2019, the School signed the first validation agreement with Coventry University (UK), which stated that from then on, undergraduate students who successfully complete MSSES programmes would be granted a second diploma.
The University of Manchester, UK
MSSES’ educational programmes were validated by the University of Manchester (UK) (Validation Agreement dated May 2007). Information about MSSES on the website of the University of Manchester.

MSSES students have been undergoing annual internships at the University of Manchester since 2013.

Students who successfully complete a British Graduate Programme receive the MA (Master of Arts) degree from the University of Manchester that is also recognised in Russia (Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1694-r dated 19 September 2013, Moscow).

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Coventry University, UK
MSSES’ undergraduate programmes were validated by Coventry University (UK). That information is available on the university’s official website.


Why should you study on a programme validated by Coventry?

  • Coventry has been listed as one of the best contemporary universities in the UK for 7 years in a row. The university places top priority on the students’ prospects. The administration ensures that all the effort and resources invested in education are fully justified.

  • Students’ choice for the best university. The university proudly bears the title of the ‘University of the Year’, which was awarded based on the students’ vote. That award speaks to the university’s strong desire to meet the students’ needs.
  • “QS Stars Awards” awarded the university with a five-star rating for the quality of education and the students’ level of satisfaction.
  • 97% of the graduates find jobs within 6 months. The university’s special Careers and Employability Service helps students find traineeships and summer internships, which give them a competitive advantage and skills for future employment.
  • Gold Rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) government system for assessing the higher education providers. Coventry University is ranked second in the UK for the quality of teaching.
  • Dynamic city. Students study in the city that was named the ‘European City of Sport’ in 2019 and the ‘UK City of Culture’ in 2021. That opened new exciting opportunities for the city and the university’s students.
  • 13th best university in the UK (according to the Guardian University Guide 2019 Rankings).

Joint PhD programmes

Since 2018, Shaninka has been developing joint PhD programmes, where each student writes a thesis under the supervision of two research associates, one from MSSES and one from a foreign partner university. We consider our PhD programme in law developed in collaboration with the University of Turin (Italy) our most successful joint programme available today. It allows the students to spend part of their term in Moscow and another part in Italy.

Preparatory year for learning Russian

We’ve developed an additional educational programme ‘Russian as a foreign language for beginners’ in collaboration with RANEPA’s Institute for Social Sciences. It’s a two-year course that allows students to advance from beginner level to level B1 or B2, which is required to apply for undergraduate or graduate Russian-taught programmes in RANEPA’s Institute for Social Sciences. In 2019, Shaninka welcomed 47 students from China, some of whom have dramatically improved their language level in just a year and were able to enrol in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and take quota places or places with a significant discount for education fee after the first year.

Group Russian courses

Every year, Shaninka welcomes over 50 students from various countries who take a short-term or a long-term course in Russian as a foreign language. MSSES develops individual programmes for each partner university. In particular, the School creates modules within the educational programmes in foreign universities, such as a ‘Russian Language, Culture, and Literature’ module for philology students and a ‘Political Debates’ module for political science students. Based on the partner university’s request, Shaninka actualises or creates unique programmes lasting from 1 to 13 weeks, including Summer and Winter Schools in online and offline formats.

Partnership options

Shaninka is interested in forming various kinds of partnerships with foreign universities and organisations.
MSSES is currently working on advancing the students’ and staff’s mobility, creating joint educational programmes and double-degree programmes, increasing the number of online and offline courses in English, teaching courses and holding Summer Schools on Russian as a foreign language as well as other disciplines, and developing joint academic researches and projects.

Double-degree programme

Students can receive a diploma from a foreign university with a degree from MSSES by completing part of the programme in a partner university. It means that students of double-degree programmes will spend 1 or 2 years at the university that provides the second diploma.

Validation partnership

Students can obtain the MSSES diploma by completing a programme in our partner university. It means that they can receive the MSSES diploma in their country or the country that would be more convenient for them to study in than Russia. The difference between this option and the double-degree programme is that in this case, you won’t have to spend any time studying in Russia – you can get your degree without leaving your country.

Continued education

Students of the partner university may complete their educational programmes in MSSES in Russia. It means that students who complete the first two years of an undergraduate programme in their university can continue their studies in MSSES for another two years and receive a Russian Bachelor’s degree diploma (4-year programme).
If you would like to discuss partnership options, contact the International Department (Ekaterina Kuzina) by email