Learning Support

Learning Support

The library strives to both maintain and expand the book collection as well as provide help for students in working with electronic databases, writing and formatting texts, and having reflective conversations about their research. This commitment is reflected in two library projects: the Library Skills course and the Research&Write workshop.

Library skills

The Library Skills course is a series of classes suggested for Shaninka students and teachers. These lessons will help you develop skills essential for any researcher. At the classes, we discuss how to come up with a research subject, how to structure and format an academic text, how to use library resources, including electronic databases, and get the best of them. The classes are conducted by Polina Kolozaridi, a graduate of the MSSES Faculty of Sociology, Internet researcher, lecturer at the HSE University and Shaninka, and Konstantin Kokarev, lecturer and specialist of the RANEPA library.

Classes conducted in 2019-2020:

  • Academic Text and Healthy Sleep: Alone Together?
  • Workshop on Note-Taking and a Reading Diary
  • Workshop on Searching for Literature, Sources, and Data
  • Citation Culture and Techniques
  • Workshop “How to Narrow Down the Topic”
  • Online Workshop “Reading Experiences”
  • The Fate of an Academic Text: Say, I Hand It Over – What Then?

Study guides and useful materials

Here, we collect materials on what we’ve talked about at the classes. They will help you understand how to use electronic databases and look for literature you need for your research, how to assess what you have found, and how to structure your work on your own text.

Should I trust the publication?
How can I find out more about the author of an article?

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