Community Centre

Community Centre

MSSES has always taken pride in its strong and valuable community. For as long as the School has existed, the students of different faculties and programmes could build friendships and collaborate with each other.

The community centre was created to support the community of students and graduates, organise extracurricular activities, swiftly resolve issues, and establish communication between the faculties, each other, and MSSES departments.

Areas of work

  • Supporting the activities of the School’s Student Council
  • Coordinating the alumni community and supporting initiatives 
  • Communicating with students and providing assistance in quick problem-solving 
  • Developing, coordinating, and supporting joint School-wide events and initiatives for the networking of MSSES students
  • Coordinating the organisation of the “Vectors of Russia’s Development” conference

Current projects

1. School-wide events organised in cooperation with the School’s Student Council: an intellectual competition “What? Where? When?” (“Што? Где? Когда?”), Halloween-themed quest (“Шalloween”), New Year’s party (“Happy ШNew Year”), and many others.

2. MSSES CUP: a game during which the School’s graduates of various years and faculties meet and get to know each other over a cup of coffee. The MSSES alumni community is growing with each year, but most of the graduates are only acquainted with their fellow students or even groupmates. Send us your application for participation and meet new interesting people from other fields, get inspired, and reminisce about your student years with a random MSSES alumnus over a cup of coffee.

3. MSSES Share: initiatives to exchange professional experience, ideas, and knowledge as well as share partnership stories with the graduates. The formats vary: lectures, discussions, consultations, and seminars.
If you want to share knowledge and gain it within the alumni community as well as invite the alumni to exchange project ideas and brainstorm, please contact us at

4. Paying a visit: collective visits to MSSES students and trips to various other places.
If you would like to invite students and graduates for a visit and give them a tour of an exhibition, museum house, or maybe even some production facility and if you would like to invite us to see a film or a play and attend a reading or a laboratory, send your suggestion to

5. MSSES Blitz: students’ conversations about where they first heard about MSSES, what the learning process was like, and how that time influenced them. What they still remember, what they are proud of, and, possibly, what they are still regretting. You can watch these episodes on our YouTube channel.

6. Support groups: thematic meetings in groups of no more than 10 people, during which the attendees take turns sharing their thoughts based on their experience.
  • small groups so that everyone has enough time to speak out;
  • meetings last for one hour;
  • everything that happens at the meeting is completely confidential;
  • no general advice, only cautious and safe communication without judgement or moralising;
  • meetings with one moderator take place about once a month, but you can attend different groups.
If you would like to become a moderator and suggest meetings of your own, contact us at

You can follow the community centre’s events on our website.

If you have any ideas, recommendations, questions, and wishes or if you need help in these matters, feel free to contact the MSSES community manager at