Extracurricular life

Extracurricular life

Library Skills

Library skills - this is a series of lessons for MSSES's students and instructors. They are dedicated to developing the skills required for every researcher. In these classes, we discuss how to formulate a research topic, build and format a scientific text, how to handle library resources, including electronic databases, for the benefit of ourselves and our research.

Classes are taught by Polina Kolozaridi, a graduate of the Faculty of Sociology of Shaninki, Internet researcher, a lecturer at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and MSSES, and Konstantin Kokarev, lecturer and employee of the library of The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Research & Write Workshop

The seminar is dedicated to the life, pain and joy of researchers and their research. At the seminar meetings, we propose to discuss how research works, why and how scientific texts are written, what role theories and methods play, where conflicts are in modern scientific worlds and how they are resolved. We invite both Shaninka residents and researchers from other institutions to the seminar.
Why are these topics important?
First, research approaches are different, and when we are inside one of them, it is important to check our boundaries, reflect and clarify what we are doing. This can be done alone with oneself, or it is possible and worth, we believe, to discuss with other people. Without such reflection, it is difficult to understand why we are doing research at all and are learning this, who needs our results, how the form of the research process is related to content. And who are “we”, do the researchers generally belong to the same group, what unites them/us?
Secondly, it only seems that all studies are similar, understandable and equal. As a student, we see that there are conflicts, divergencies, and incomparable approaches. But we hardly ever discuss this in any format. Rarely are such questions brought into the genre of methodical reflection and articles are written about them. In order to navigate some problems and issues before they turn into the “sore” format, we propose to discuss them now.

Students Union

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MSSES is a family. The student asset of the British bachelor's degree at the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences has not existed for so long, but it is actively trying to develop its unique identity within the walls of the School and implement various initiatives, hold events new for the School.

In our activities, we are guided by the goals:
  • representing the interests and ensuring the implementation of the rights of students in relations with the administration of the MSSES;
  • promoting the development of self-government of students;
  • assistance to educational and research activities of students;
  • development of social activity and the formation of civic culture of students;
  • promoting extracurricular activities of students, including assistance in the implementation of socially significant student initiatives;
  • assistance to the governing bodies of OJSC “MSSES” in solving issues related to the organization of educational activities.

Our main tasks are:
  • development, protection and promotion of students' proposals to improve the quality of the educational process, taking into account their scientific and professional interests;
  • assistance in solving issues of the quality of educational services, social and household and other issues affecting the interests of students;
  • assistance to the structural divisions of MSSES; in the activities carried out by them within the educational and extracurricular process;
  • carrying out work aimed at increasing the consciousness of students and their exactingness to the level of their knowledge, fostering a respectful attitude towards the property of MSSES, respect for the spirit and traditions of MSSES;
  • informing students and potential applicants about the activities of the Student Assets of the MSSES;
  • strengthening interregional and international relations between various educational organizations;
  • assistance to MSSES in carrying out work with students to comply with the requirements of the charter, internal regulations and other local regulations of MSSES on the organization and implementation of educational activities.
We actively support student initiatives and try to implement them together within the walls of MSSES. Student activists actively organize events within the framework of the School. An annual event for freshmen Oasis, where recent applicants, already students of Shaninka, can communicate with the administration, instructors and with the Shaninka Student Assets, as well as make friends with their future classmates. This year, for the first time, a thematic quest for freshmen Halloween was organized, a New Year’s Eve Shnew year, which was organized in close cooperation with our Library, and an intellectual competition was planned for bachelors, masters, alumni and employees of the School “What? Where? When? ”, which had to be postponed due to the pandemic.
At the moment, the initiative group of the student asset includes:
  • Maxim Nikitin, 2nd-year student of the World Politics program,
  • Maria Filatova, 2nd-year student of the World Politics program,
  • Anastasia Plisko, 2nd-year student of the program "Management of creative projects",
  • Diana Seyfetdinova, 2nd-year student of the program "Management of creative projects",
  • Maria Nagornaya, 2nd-year student of the Modern Social Theory program
To contact us, you can write at sc.msses@gmail.com

Conferences and seminars


  • Conference "Trends in Education Development"
  • Symposium "Ways of Russia"
  • Conference "Vectors of development of modern Russia"
  • Glazychev readings
  • Conference "Problems of Post-Soviet Theory and Philosophy of Law"


  • Chayanovskiy seminar
  • Seminar Identity Politics
  • Religious Seminar
  • Intellectual History Workshop