Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences has not been around for very long, but it is actively trying to develop its unique identity, implement various initiatives, and hold new events within the MSSES walls.

The Council currently comprises the following departments:
  • Study support: students helping other students in resolving study-related issues
  • International: searching for and networking with foreign partners
  • Event: organising and holding School-wide events and supporting student initiatives
  • Administrative: communicating with the School’s administration, receiving and processing the students’ requests, questions, and issues 
  • Media: running the Student Council’s social media and keeping the followers informed of its activities

If you need any support or you have a problem, query, suggestion, or request to publish something on the Council’s pages, please contact us at or via Telegram chat bot @msses_su_bot.

If you are facing difficulties in writing an essay or just in the learning process or you are seeking advice from your senior colleagues, feel free to contact the Study support department.

The Student Council actively supports student initiatives and promotes their implementation within the MSSES walls. It organises events for the School with the Community Centre’s support. For example, the now annual “Oasis” event, during which recent applicants turned MSSES students can socialise with the MSSES administration, teachers, and Student Council as well as get to know their future classmates. Also, there is a Halloween-themed quest (“Шalloween”), New Year’s party (“ШNew Year”) organised in close cooperation with our Library, and an intellectual contest “What? Where? When?” (“Што? Где? Когда?”) among the School’s undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and staffers scheduled for the near future. We will keep constantly updating this list of unique MSSES events.

  It is also worth mentioning the activities and initiatives developed by the School’s students.
  • Graduate students hold readings on various subjects: political philosophy, social theory, texts on posthumanism, case studies.
  • Chinese Language Club. If you are learning Chinese and you would like a bit more practice, consider joining the Chinese Language Club. The classes with native speakers are held twice a month on Sundays.


What is the Student Council?
The MSSES Student Council is one of the School’s management bodies that, until recently, had not been officially registered and would assemble spontaneously. Lately, more and more common conversation topics have started emerging. Therefore, it was generally agreed that the Student Council should be revived as a proper institution.

What is its purpose?
First and foremost, the Student Council is necessary for representing the interests of the students of each year and each education programme. From resolving food-related issues to providing assistance in the learning process.
The Student Council’s work is one of the ways for you to develop the extracurricular life within the MSSES walls, suggest and implement your own events, collaborations, media projects, trips, and anything you think should be a part of the student life.

Who can become a member of the Student Council?
Any undergraduate, graduate, or professional retraining student can become a member of the Student Council.

What would I have to do?
The Student Council is comprised of the elected members (one person from each year of each programme). Their main objective is to represent the interests of their group and convey important information to their fellows.
The Council also comprises members of thematic groups selected based on the interview results. Those groups are announced by the chosen members at their first meeting.

How frequent are the meetings?
The representatives meet at least once every two months. Thematic groups form their annual work plan independently.

Who are the representatives?
They are elected representatives of each of the student groups who can convey the opinions and wishes of their group as well as deliver information and suggestions to the students. They have a right to vote when the Student Council is making a decision. Each representative is entitled to 1 vote.

How do I become a member of a thematic group?
At the end of the first meeting, the Student Council’s chosen members announce what thematic fields they are forming and who will be managing them. Then they announce the call for applications and the date of the interview. When the selection process is complete, the selected participants also become members of the Student Council, but they only participate in their group’s work and have no voting rights when the Council is making a decision.

Is there a chairperson?
No, the Student Council operates in the most democratic format possible. An executive secretary is elected at the first meeting, whose job is to simply record discussions, agreements, and plans.

How can I leave the Student Council?
A member of the Student Council may resign at any moment by informing the executive secretary. If necessary, the Student Council may announce that there are new open positions available.

When do the elections take place?
In order to organise summer MSSES events and the first-year students’ meeting, the first stage of the election – among second and third-year undergraduate and first-year graduate students – was scheduled for 13 May 2021. In September, the elections were conducted for the second-year undergraduate and first-year graduate students.

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