Study abroad

Study abroad


Due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, all the internships abroad have been shifted to the online format until further notice. Student trips abroad are tentatively scheduled to resume in early 2022 at the latest.

Academic Partnership and Mobility Office (APMO)

Address: room 241, 2nd floor, Gazetny Lane, 3-5, Moscow
Phone: 8 (495) 150-80-91 (ext. 66)

We recommend you use email to contact us during the pandemic.


Every year, MSSES, together with its foreign partners, organises a large number of opportunities for its students to study abroad – both in person on the campus of a foreign university and online.

Each student has the right to participate in a programme for studying abroad if they meet the minimum eligibility requirements or if it doesn't contradict the special conditions issued by partner universities.

Minimum eligibility requirements for all the mobility programmes:
  • “excellent” or “good” marks for the exams recognised in the competition;
  • absence of academic arrears and examination resits at the time of the competition;
  • absence of fee debts at the time of the competition.

Additional requirements from partner universities may include:
  • minimum requirements for the programme’s working language (English or second foreign language);
  • cover letter;
  • recommendation letter from an academic supervisor;
  • undergoing an individual interview, etc.


In this section, we’ve collected the students’ most frequently asked questions on studying abroad in MSSES. If you read the information on the main page “Study abroad” and looked through the F.A.Q., but still haven’t found the answer to your question – send it to


Language courses – applications deadline is 10 May 2021
  • French language course from the University of Burgundy (online);
  • Chinese language course from the Shanghai International Studies University (online);
  • Spanish language course from the University of Cadiz (online);
  • German language course from Universität Konstanz (online).

Lecture courses in partner universities (online)
  • Till 16 June – lecture course for psychologists from Goethe University
  • Till 18 May – lectures and workshops on cultural entrepreneurship for the master’s students of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Project Management from the best universities of Slovenia (online);
  • Till 10 May – specialised Summer School for the students of the ‘World Politics’ programme from SciencesPo Lille + French language lessons (online);
  • Till 10 May – specialised Summer School for the students of the ‘World Politics’ programme from the University of Tartu (online);
  • 30 April is the application deadline for the lecture course “Marketing and Management in Creative and Culture Industries” (online);
  • Till 11 April – specialised courses for the students of the ‘Creative Projects Management’ programme from City, University of London (online);
  • Till 4 April – interdisciplinary summer school for Brazilian research from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (online).

International conferences
  • TBA

Joint research
  • Till 15 March – research programme from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (online)

Semester exchange programmes
  • Till 15 October – semester exchange in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (on campus)

Traineeships abroad
  • TBA


Internships are short-term (up to 3 months) educational programmes divided into four types: language, lecture courses, professional, and research (academic, including conferences).

A student can:
  • participate in an internship if not otherwise stated in the programme announcement;
  • receive financial aid for the payment/compensation for the educational programme only if it is stated in the announcement;
  • receive financial aid thrice in the time of studying on a bachelor’s programme or once in the time of studying on a master’s programme (professional retraining);
  • receive financial aid no more than once in an academic year if not otherwise stipulated by the educational programme.

A student cannot participate in an internship if:
  • they don’t meet the standard eligibility criteria;
  • they weren’t selected by the competition commission;
  • they were under 18 years of age when they became a candidate for the mobility programme;
  • they have already used financial aid that academic year.

Conditions and the application process for participating in internships are indicated in each specific announcement.


An exchange programme in MSSES involves a student studying in a foreign partner university for 1 semester. Third-year bachelor’s and first-year master’s students can participate if not otherwise stated in the announcement.

The competition is held twice a year: in May – June for the autumn semester and in October – November for the spring semester.

By the terms of the exchange programmes, students studying on a contract basis continue to pay for their tuition in MSSES during the exchange and they do not pay for tuition in the foreign university.
A student from the partner university takes the place of an MSSES student under the same conditions. Visa, accommodation, flight, and other personal expenses are paid for by the student.

Exchange programme partners
  • Coventry University (UK)
  • The Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland)
  • The University of Tartu (Estonia)

More on the application process for the semester exchange


In 2021, MSSES started developing a new direction for academic mobility – traineeships abroad. Oftentimes, it’s not an educational programme but a full-time job in a foreign organisation that may include workshops or lectures.

Remote traineeships (online) may last from 1 to 9 months, 10-15 hours per week. In-person traineeships abroad are held only during the summer break (July – August).

For the traineeship to be recognised as part of the curriculum, a student needs to get prior approval from the dean of their faculty and provide a report in the requisite format after the traineeship ends.

The annual competition for selecting candidates to be sent on a traineeship abroad is held twice a year (November and March). A limited number of candidates are selected to undergo a traineeship in a foreign organisation with an employer allocated based on the specific participant’s specialisation and professional interests.

More on the application process for participating in the traineeship abroad


In order to promote and support student research, MSSES invites third and fourth-year bachelor’s students and first and second-year master’s students to participate in the contest for co-financing the participation in international and foreign conferences.

Contests for co-financing the participation in conferences in the 2021-2022 academic year:
  • 16 October 2021 (applications are accepted from 10 September to 10 October 2021)
  • 16 March 2022 (applications are accepted from 10 February to 10 March 2022)

Requirements for the participants:
  • compliance with the minimum eligibility requirements (see section Conditions for participation);
  • two-page cover letter in the A4 format (12 pt., Times New Roman) describing the connection between your educational programme, content of the conference, and your future career plans (the cover letter is submitted with a signature (visa) of the student’s academic supervisor confirming their recommendation for the student’s participation);
  • invitation from the conference organisers (if available).

Eligible to participate in the contest:
  • third and fourth-year bachelor’s students;
  • master’s students who have undergone at least 1 examination term;
  • students with the conference’s working language level of B2 or higher.

Ineligible to participate:
  • students who have not met the aforementioned requirements;
  • students who have already received financial aid for participating in an academic mobility programme in that same academic year.

Those who have been selected to participate in the conferences recommended by the academic supervisors and those who have participated or intend to participate in external conferences can apply as well.

Students who passed the selection receive partial reimbursement for participating in the conference (organisational/registration fee). Selection preferences will be applied to the students who participate in the conference with their articles, lectures, publications, or posters affiliated with MSSES.

Application to participate in the contest for co-financing.

List of required documents.

List of conferences recommended for participation by the academic supervisors.